15 Points From The History Of The Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound – one of the oldest breeds in the world, the national pride of Ireland. The main purpose of dogs of this breed was hunting for wolves, hares, wild boars and deer.

#1 The history of the Irish Wolfhound begins more than 2500 years ago.

#2 In ancient times, when breeding dogs, they attached great importance not to the appearance of the dog, but to its strength, endurance, speed and other working qualities.

#3 Therefore, in the old days, Irish Wolfhounds had different quality of wool and any possible colors.

#4 A very tough coat, characteristic of modern Wolfhounds, formed spontaneously, possibly due to the difficult climatic conditions of Ireland.

#5 The ancient Romans brought giant “bearded” fearless dogs from the British Isles to use in animal fights.

#6 The image of the Wolfhound adorned the armor of Irish knights in the Middle Ages.