14 Pekingese Nutrition Tips

The issue of feeding is one of the most urgent for any Pekingese owner. And, it would seem, everyone knows that the dog loves meat, but doubts are still inevitable.

#1 The Pekingese menu depends on the age, condition of the dog, and even the time of year.

#2 Like all dog owners, the owners of the Pekingese have a choice – feed their pets natural food or purchase ready-made rations.

#3 Do not think that dry food is a junk food that people who don’t want to cook ordinary food give their dogs. In fact, if you choose high-quality food, it will only benefit a little friend.

#4 In the selection should take into account the breed, age and physiological characteristics of the pet.

#5 When feeding the pellets, the puppy can be pre-soaked in water, but resort to this exclusively when feeding babies.

#6 If the owner prefers natural feeding, then you should take care of a balanced diet.