14 Options For Playing With Corgis

Games and related activities introduce the puppy to the world around them and their relatives. The game also strengthens the body of the animal. It can be assumed that the games allow the young dog to prepare for a variety of life situations.

#1 The game is the only way to establish friendly and good relationships with the dog, but in addition, the game is a great way to train, especially for puppies and young dogs.

#2 If the child teaches the dog some tricks, it will be funny, and at the same time useful for both of them: for the child and for the dog. The simplest game “Give Paw!” Feeding a paw is a gesture of submission, so the exercise is psychologically beneficial for the dog. Start practicing the exercise when the dog is sitting. Command “Give a paw!”, Carefully take a dog’s paw and shake it. Then release immediately. Praise the dog as much as possible!

#3 “Die!” The child says: “Die!” and points a finger at the dog. The dog turns on its back, paws up. If she loves when her stomach is scratched, she will be easily trained to carry out the command “Die!” This is not only very funny, but, in addition, for the dog it is another pose of humility. If the dog demonstrates submission to your child’s team, this is great for the dog and can serve as an indicator of good behavior.

#4 “Apport!” In the game “Apport!” you throw an object, and your dog brings it back to you. Some dogs love this game, while others love it less.

#5 “Hide and Seek!” What fun this is for everyone! Let one person hold the dog, and the other is hiding at this time. As soon as the second person hides, you say: “And where … (name)? Look for (name)!” and start walking around the house with the dog. At first, the hiding person may make some noise to attract the attention of the dog. As soon as the dog finds him, everyone should praise her and say how smart she is.

#6 “Seek!” This is a variant of the game of hide and seek, but not with people, but with objects. The easiest way to start the game is with your favorite dog toys or with a treat (cheese). Let your friend hold the dog, and in the meantime, put the toy or treat in full view at a distance of several meters from it. Go back to the dog and say: “Where is the cheese? Look! Look for cheese!” Then release the dog. If she immediately rushes to a treat – everything is fine. If not, bring her to him, point to him, and then praise the dog.