Tiger or Cat? 15 Important Facts About Bengal Cats

#1 Bengals inherit the glitter gene

The rich color and glittery shine distinguishes the Bengal coat from other cats. Their coat will appear to shine in the sunlight with a glitter that has an iridescent quality!

#2 They adore water!

#3 Bengals have a wild blood line

Bengal cat is named after its wild ancestor, Asian leopard cat that is scientifically known as Prionailurus bengalensis.

#4 They are very vocal!

The Bengal cat doesn’t meow quite like other cats and they can’t easily be ignored.

#5 Not every kangaroo can jump like them 🙂

#6 Bengals are little thieves!

They may look innocent but if you have a hard time finding your neckles or house keys, it’s probably kitty who went on a hunt to steal all that glitters. Bengals certainly earn a capital “B” for burglary.