The 15 Most Popular Siberian Husky Names of the Year

#11 Daksha

Historical figures and pop culture names, that’s a bit different and as long as you like the name and your dog responds, well that just fall into the, personal preference category.

#12 Duke

Choosing your dog’s name is one of the fun parts of being a dog owner. 

#13 Bella

Before you settle on one name that will stick with your dog for the duration of her life, try out a couple and see how your dog responds to each one. 

#14 Chylo

They have to live with it, too, so best to see if they like it before you make it stick.

#15 Anu

They are one of the most recognizable breeds of dogs with their thick, black, silver and white markings, and piercing blue, brown, or one of each color, eyes.