The 15 Most Popular Siberian Husky Names of the Year

Siberian Huskies are beautiful dogs that are known for their strength and ability to pull sleds and cargo through the snow in Nordic countries. If you need help choosing a name for your Siberian Husky and want to know what’s hot for this year for both male and female, we have compiled a list of the most popular Siberian Husky names.

#1 Kita

Bringin home a puppy of any breed is exciting. 

#2 Maliik

Of course your Husky’s name should fit their sex.

#3 Ishiko

All dogs have their own physical characteristics that can play a role in the name choosing process.

#4 Keeko

If your Husky is a male, you will probably want something masculine and macho, while females tend to have more feminine names.

#5 Flash

After all, not everyone may feel comfortable having their name used as a dog’s name, so just be sure.