Poor Diets and Other Causes of Bad Behavior in Dogs

Dog training is an important part of a young dog’s life cycle; if you fail to train a dog it will become spoiled and eventually refuse to obey your commands.
If you have trained your dog but it still refuses to obey commands, the problem could be much deeper, depending on the breed. Some dogs can be extremely hard-headed. If this is the case the dog will need to be sent to a different home, in many ways a dog might just become confused, multiple owners such as a wife-husband can send mixed signals to a dog without even realizing what they have done. In this article I will explain some things which could be making your dog refuse to obey commands, this is just advice and you should always consult a vet.

Mixed Signals:

This is the most common way of confusing a dog and leading to a refusal to obey commands, dogs will listen if they are well trained. But, when you have multiple owners one person might tell the dog to “Sit” and another owner might tell the dog to “Play” leading to a mixed-signal in the dog’s small mind. Partners should agree on caring for a dog similar to how they would raise an infant, no means no and it should be enforced by both parties. If the dog grows up with mixed signals it will grow mean and eventually just ignore commands. I have cared for dogs for years and I have seen this problem many times, it is really an easy fix with proper communication.


Illness is a more serious problem that can lead to behavior disorders, when a dog seems ill it will naturally ignore commands. In the dogs’ mind it cannot figure out what is happening with his/her body, dogs react to illness differently than human beings because they cannot communicate. Where a human can consult a physician, a canine has no way of communicating an illness. If you notice that your dog is acting differently when you give him/her a command, the animal is most likely ill. Finding out what the dog is actually sick with will give you an idea of why the dog isn’t responding to commands. If you ordinarily have a well-behaving dog and he/she just starts ignoring commands then you know that something is out of the ordinary.


The diet of a dog can impact his reaction to certain commands; if the dog is feeling bloated from food the dog will just sort of loaf around. Dogs with a tummy ache will want to try and relieve the pain if you suspect the dog has a stomach ache try giving them cold milk, this will give much-needed calcium to the stomach and digestive tract. Another food that can lead to behavior problems in a dog is Sugar; do not give dogs any sort of treat if it contains sugar. Milk bones are the least harmful treat for a dog, sugars react in a dog the same way as it does in a small child. The dog will become hyper and refuse to listen to commands; this is especially dangerous if you let your dog roam without a leash.


Dogs should obey their owner’s commands; with this information, you should be able to find out why your furry friend isn’t obeying commands. In the end, if the dog is young it might require more training then an older dog would. Another thing that I can suggest is adopting pets, most of the time adopted pets have already been house trained so they are the perfect companions. If you already have a trained dog and he/she is refusing to obey then the dog might have one of the conditions listed above.