The 14 Best Characteristics Of The Rottweiler

#7 Looking into the eyes of the Rottweiler, you will see boundless tenderness, love and devotion. These dogs are truly full of love, they are distinguished by tenderness and a sharp mind.

#8 In these dogs, care and aggression are separated by a fine line.

#9 Rottweilers cannot be kept in the yard. The dog is intended to be near people.

#10 The Rottweiler loves walking, likes active pastimes, needs training and physical activity, especially considering the fact that he is prone to gaining excess weight.

#11 Try to earn the respect of your dog, never go too far, do not lose your relevance, be a fair and wise master.

#12 They treat children well, are very attached to their family, and can literally give their lives for their master or his child.