The 14 Best Characteristics Of The Rottweiler

Rottweiler … Probably there is no such second breed around which passions would boil so violently. For some people, a Rottweiler is a monster, an evil and dangerous beast, for others who understand the true nature of a Rottweiler, they are faithful friends, obedient, affectionate and loving children, able to defend those they love at the right time.

#1 Rottweilers are considered one of the oldest breeds of dogs.

#2 Rottweilers were bred for protection and protection, which should always be remembered.

#3 These dogs are active, intelligent and completely self-confident in order to act independently, and therefore it is necessary to direct them from puppyhood.

#4 Aggressive dogs can cause major damage and cause many problems, so these dogs need a strict but confident hand and an experienced owner.

#5 Rottweilers love to work and are happy to take part in various competitions for dogs: from obedience contests to gathering cattle in a herd and carrying heavy loads.

#6 Rottweilers carefully protect children from their family, and therefore, during communication between the dog and the children, you need to look after it.