14 Interesting Legends, Historical Facts And Hallmarks Of Pembroke Welsh Corgi For Lovers Of This Breed

Welsh Corgi Pembroke is a small dog with a fearless soul.

#1 Welsh Corgi Pembroke is a noble ancient and rather rare breed of dog.

#2 An elite little dog, like two drops of water similar to a sly red fox, was created to graze livestock.

#3 Celtic farmers loved to play a trick on an unprepossessing little dog, calling her “creation on sawn legs.”

#4 Dogs of this breed have the highest level of intelligence, which is why they were in demand in the royal courts of Europe.

#5 Welsh Corgi Pembroke has the closest relative – the red fox, but the fox is cunning and vindictive in her soul, she has the same cunning in her eyes, you can’t say such words to the peace-loving, not evil Pembrokes.

#6 If he bites lightly, do not worry, because in this way the dog calls the person to play with her.