Poodle Guide: The 14 Most Interesting and Weird Facts

Poodles! These doggies are adored in the dog community. Their athleticism, intelligence, and iconic coat make them stand out from the crowd. If you are a poodle owner, or a potential owner, you should know these 14 facts about your favorite friend!

#1 They are great swimmers.

Poodles are excellent water dogs. Their athletic build and webbed feet give them impressive swimming abilities. And besides, their coats are water resistant! These traits made them a reliable water retriever in France.

#2 Many names for one doggie.

Poodles are known by many names: Pudle (English), Pudelhund (German), Caniche, and Barbone. German name Pudelhund translates to puddle hound or water dog.

#3 They are incredibly popular in France.

This breed was standardized in France. They were even declared France’s national dog breed because they were so well loved. 

#4 But it is a German babe.

But contrary to popular belief, Poodles are not from France. They actually originated in Germany where they were bred as hunters.

#5 They are stronger than they look.

Poodles are more than you think. The dog behind the iconic white fluff is quite tough! 

#6 Mushroom hunters.

In England, Spain, Germany and France, truffle mushrooms were like a delicacy, and Poodles were the perfect  doggie to sniff them out. Their soft mouths and small paws were gentle enough not to damage the mushrooms.