Are Sphynx Cats So Scary? 15 Facts Refute This Opinion

#1 They are from North!

You would think a cat that has a fine layer of fuzz would originate from a tropical climate, but the first hairless cat was born in Ontario, Canada in 1966. This is when a regular house cat gave birth to a hairless kitten because of a natural genetic mutation.

#2 These cats have cool haircut!

Even though they’re called hairless cats, they’re not truly bald. They actually have a fine layer of fuzz covering their body. When you pet one, you’ll notice they’re not as soft as other cats. Instead, they almost feel more like suede.

#3 Sphynx is colorful!

Even though hairless cats appear to not have any fur, they do come with a variety of colors and patterns.

#4 They need to be treated with a special care 🙂

The skin on the hairless cat produces oil, which forms a greasy film. This means owners have to provide it with a weekly bath!

#5 They’re fun!

Hairless cats have all of the fun attributes of every other cat!

#6 You will absolutely have less wrinkles than they! 🙂