20 Reasons To Never Adopt A Jack Russell

Jack Russell is a lovable terrier that charmed its way into television, in our life, and in our hearts. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine our life without this bold, lively dog. But don’t let their cute appearance fool you for these creatures cannot be trusted! People says: once you go Jack you don’t go back!!!

Be careful!

If you would like to adopt a puppy of this breed, you must read our list below as we tell you the 20 reasons why this would be not good idea…

#1 In the first place, they are not cute

#2 Seriously! Not cute at all!

#3 Absolutely impossible to take a nice picture of them

#4 Have you ever seen a Jack Russel in a good mood? It is absolutely impossible!

#5 They are not friendly

#6 I am seriously! Look at this deathtrap!

#7 And they absolutely not get on well with other pets