15 Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About Tibetan Mastiffs

Tibetan Mastiffs are protective of their family and very independent. They are very patient and devoted and adore a good cuddle. They are as mysterious as the high mountains of the Himalayas and as intriguing as the stories of Tibet. The Giant which is so friendly and tender.

#1 Tibetan Mastiffs are one of the largest breeds on the planet!

#2 The heaviest Tibetan Mastiff weighed in at over a staggering 20 stone!

#3 Instead of shedding all year round, they actually ‘blow’ their coat once a year!

#4 In Tibet, they are called “Do-Khyi”(Tied Dog) as they are traditionally kept chained to gates and let loose at night…

#5 They are extremely strong-willed and stubborn!

#6 They are very territorial dogs and mark it nice and clear