17 Reasons To Never EVER Adopt A Bengal Cat

A Bengal cat is a pedigree breed, originally created by mixing Asian Leopard cats with domestic cats. However he Bengal cat looks like a leopard from the pattern on his coat, his temperament is very much a reflection of the common domestic cat. They are very playful, enjoying interacting with toys, chasing and running around. But don’t let their sweet appearance fool you, for these creatues cannot be trusted!

If you would like to adopt one, read our list below as we tell you the 17 reasons why this would be your huge mistake…

#1 They are absolutely not playful

#2 They are certainly not cute

#3 …seriously not cute at ALL!

#4 They are looking the same…it’s so boring

#5 They are not friendly. And don’t like cuddle

#6 They hate children

#7 …and do absolutely not get on well with other pets