17 Pictures of Tibetan Mastiffs You Will Be Scared

The Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient dog breed, originated in China. Because of the large size, many people are afraid of them. We know it is in vain!  In reality, Mastiffs are big, kind and very calm animals. But sometimes it is interesting to forget about it and imagine these are really dangerous animals. Here are a few pictures where Mastiffs pretend to be scary and sullen doggies!

#1 They are very similar to the lions.

#2 … And to the bears at the same time.

#3 Tibetan Mastiff is the hugest dog in the world.

#4 They have a big fangs and a huge mouth.

#5 And it seems they are ready to pounce on you any moment.

#6 Be sure, they are not joking.

#7 You will not be able to hide from them anywhere.