15 Things Typical For Your Shiba Inu

Shiba Inus are bold and independent, active and very enduring, intelligent and full of life doggies. They follow their instincts and do what their owners tell them. Very often dogs of this breed are stubborn, so they need a strong-willed owner who can establish his/her own rules and primacy over Shiba Inus.

#1 Everyone asks you if it is a fox?

Actually it happens so often, that the owners of Shiba Inus get tired of saying  "No"!

#2 It’s true, they look unusual.

A study of National Geographic has found their DNA the most closest to the wolves, among other dog breeds. That explains their special appearance.

#3 Many people expect your dog to be aggressive.

Though the Shiba Inu properly trained and socialized from early age and well educated, the hunting instincts of this breed can sometimes remind you to be careful. So always keep your doggie on a leash in the public places.

#4 They have character!

Sometimes they make you to obey their commands too.  Otherwise you will be punished.

#5 Grimace masters.

In fact, they just mocking you!

#6 Shiba Inu have weird hobbies.

They can be surrounded with many human things and pretend they are very busy.