16 Reasons Why You Should Own Brussels Griffons

If you own a Brussels Griffon, you probably already know how kind, playful, and fun-loving this breed can be…

#1 These small dogs with “human” eyes are very good-natured and cheerful. They take part in children’s games with pleasure.

#2 Very devoted to the owners, who can always rely on them.

#3 Ideal dogs for home keeping. They are obedient, polite, not capricious and not grouchy, get along well with all members of the family.

#4 Absolutely not aggressive and get along well with cats, dogs and other pets.

#5 They are indoor dogs, so they will be comfortable in the apartment or in the house.

#6 A great companion for a variety of funs, but at the same time can play perfectly alone, without forcing the owner to rush with him.