15 Tips for Choosing an Italian Greyhound Puppy

To purchase the Italian Greyhound puppy is an important event, and therefore it is worthwhile to weigh the pros and cons beforehand. Have you thought everything through and is buying a dog really a balanced responsible decision? Do you have enough strength, time, resources for a pet? Are you ready to take on such responsibility for the next half decade?

#1 Be patient: choosing an Italian Greyhound puppy is not an easy task.

#2 Before buying a dog, you must first determine what you take it for: for exhibitions, or as a companion dog.

#3 Visit exhibitions, communicate with breeders and owners of the breed and you will understand whether the representative of this breed is really the dog of your dreams.

#4 Examine the puppy. The coat of a healthy puppy is clean and smooth, the ears, eyes and nose are without discharge, the tummy is not swollen, but the puppy is not very thin.

#5 Italian Greyhound is not the best option for a family with children, especially pre-school.

#6 The puppy should be more than 2 months old.