15 Yorkshire Terrier Hairstyle Photos You Will Love

The Yorkshire Terrier is a beautiful doggie with silky hair, bows, rhinestones, hairpins and long curls.  Here you will find 15 great hairstyles for every day:

#1 Thick long hair.

Hairstyle for Yorkie is not a whim of his owner and not a tribute of fashion - it is a necessity. You have to spend a lot of time every day to take care of his long pretty hair.

#2 Beautiful Yorkie – well-groomed Yorkie.

Wool must be washed with special tools, process it and combing out.

#3 Fashion.

Yorkies are popular doggies.  Over time, changing the fashion for their hairstyles and haircuts.  If at the beginning of the "career" these dogs flaunted their natural styling, now it is fashionable to boast an original hairstyle.

#4 Original patterns.

Fashionable haircuts, original patterns, quite natural and comfortable.  Popular options are “like a terrier,” “like a puppy,” “like a spaniel,” “like a lion,” and others.

#5 Accessories.

It is easy to decorate him. There are a lot of accessories, hairpins, rhinestones, bows, glitter sprays. 

#6 Comfort.

Choosing a hairstyle for a pet, you should take the peculiarities of his body, it’s important to emphasize all the advantages, hiding the flaws. In addition, need to take the convenience of your doggie - he will not be able to fully relax with a voluminous hairstyle, or with lots of decorations on his wool.