16 Interesting Things About Maine Coons

Of all breeds of cats, there is one that stands to be one of the most unique out of them all: the Maine Coon Cats. They are not only fluffy and pretty, and everything you might think a cat should look like. They also has the personality that matches the way it looks: pretty, fluffy and everything together. Here are 16 cool facts you would want to know about Maine Coon Cats:

#1 The biggest cat.

Maine Coons are the biggest domestic cat breed. They're weighing up to 18 pounds and can be up to 40 inches in length. Maine Coons come more than 70 different color combinations.

#2 Very good weatherized.

Maine Coons adapted to life in the cool climate, they have long, shaggy multi-layered fur and large paws. They also have furry ears and tails, which they can wrap around their body for extra warmth.

#3 They are the leaders in the cat world.

Since they have impressive size and well-developed self-esteem, they are considered royalty among other cats.

#4 Playful, friendly and very loyal.

Maine Coons are highly social and love human interaction. They are very friendly, loyal, playful, and they usually get along well with children and pets. They can even be walked on a leash!

#5 No “meow”!

Maine Coons don't say "meow", they chirp and trill, it’s like a mix of a meow and a purr. Cats may chirp when they spot prey and a trill is often an expression of great happiness.

#6 They love water.

Usually Maine Coons enjoy the water. They have water-resistant fur and can be pretty efficient swimmers.