15 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Bouviers Des Flandres

Bouvier Des Flandres is a very intelligent and calm breed. And if you want to adopt one of them, you should know some things that will help to understand whether these pets are really good for you!

#1 These dogs were originally bred to perform farm-work

It is interesting, that names of the breed in different languages include “Cow”.

#2 Bouvier Des Flandres dogs are considered to have been bred by the Ter Duinen Monastery

#3 These dogs are tough and strong

That is why they are able to perform a wide range of farm-work.

#4 They have a coat that protects these dogs from different weather

#5 A lot of time ago tail docking, as well as ear cropping were performed

But know these things are considered to be cruel.

#6 Because of the World Wars, these dogs came close to extinction in the 20th century

But now there is no such problem, fortunately!