14 Incredible Facts About Bobtails That You Didn’t Know

Under the shaggy coat of this dog hides a wayward fun animal with perseverance and innate shepherd instincts. The Old English Sheepdog or Bobtail loves people and is a good watchman, although it does not belong to a guard dog. The dog needs attention to itself, especially in matters of hair care.

#1 Origin history

Until 1885, such a breed did not officially exist. But this year, the famous English expert on the breeding of shepherd dogs Freeman Lloyd presented this dog as a shepherd. Bobtail's natural instincts have survived to this day.

#2 Bobtail Character

Bobtail dogs are often found in Hollywood paintings, both in films and in cartoons. The nature of the dogs of this breed is as diverse as the nature of the Hollywood stars. Some may be very sociable, while others may be constrained, some may be funny, and some may be serious. A common feature is that all bobtails related to shepherd dogs are infinitely loyal to their owner. Great guard dogs are made from Old English Shepherds, as they are quick and alert to sound. Bobtails love to play with children, they are patient and kind. These dogs are suitable for experienced dog breeders who lead an active lifestyle.

#3 Maintenance and care

The Bobtail belongs to those breeds of dogs whose grooming causes a lot of trouble even for experienced dog breeders. To keep the coat healthy and well-groomed, the Bobtail owner will have to spend three to four hours every week. These dogs shed very much, so it is necessary to comb the hair thoroughly daily with a special brush. This will allow timely removal of dead hair and prevent the occurrence of spools and tangling of hair.

#4 Drooling

All Bobtails are prone to excessive salivation, which can lead to discoloration of the hair around the mouth. Therefore, it is necessary to wash the dog several times a day, especially after eating. The back of the dog’s body requires careful washing. If this requirement is neglected, then clumps of dirt will form in the wool, which is not so easy to remove.

#5 Bathing

When it comes to swimming, many owners prefer the services of a professional groomer. It is necessary to bathe the dog often, about several times a month or as it gets dirty, and they get dirty very quickly.

#6 Еars

It is necessary to regularly inspect the ears of the bobtail for sulfur contaminants, inflammatory processes and infections. The ears are treated with a special solution prescribed by the veterinarian. Ears can be cleaned with a cotton swab, but in no case should you use a cotton ear swab with direct cleaning of the ear canal.