15 Facts You Should Know About Brussels Griffons

Brussels Griffons are funny dogs that can easily become your best friends. But anyway, there are some things that you definitely should know about these dogs before you adopt one. Here are 15 facts that can even make you surprise!

#1 Griffs are royal dogs in Belgium

Brussels Griffons were used to hunt rats. But one day Belgian Queen saw the dog of this breed and really liked him. So, that dog got an elite status and forgot about the rats.

#2 But today this breed is still uncommon

That is why some people sometimes confuse them with other breeds.

#3 They look a bit strange and funny at the same time

That is why small children can be afraid of them.

#4 These are great dogs for a small house

They are compact (only 7-10 pounds).

#5 Brussels Griffons are very, very affectionate

So, when you adopt this dog, your pet will be always with you. Every minute, even when you sleep.

#6 “Resting Griff Face” is a serious signal

Do you see it? Maybe you made something bad to the dog.