15 Chihuahua Nutrition Tips

The meaning of a Chihuahua’s life is to be your friend. They are loyal and courageous and give you their sincere love. Of course, you, too, are madly in love with this charm. In order for the dog to live near you for many years and be healthy, you must make sure that your four-legged friend receives good nutrition.

#1 The diet for the same dog will vary depending on its age and physical condition.

#2 Dogs of this breed usually have an enviable appetite and can eat much more than they need.

#3 It is believed that the daily diet should be between 50 and 80 grams. per kilogram of dog weight

#4 If your pet weighs 3 kilograms, you walk a lot and the dog runs and plays for a walk – the daily portion will be 240 grams.

#5 2/3 of the diet is protein products, the rest is vegetable.

#6 In winter, it is recommended to slightly increase the usual servings.