14 Things You Need to Know About The Playful Pekingese Puppies

If you are planning to buy a Pekingese puppy, there are a few things you should know about this breed.

#1 They are cheerful and playful.

This ancient Chinese breed is a perfect companion dog. They show their individuality with courage, independence and affection.  They are extremely sensitive to a mood and voice of their owner. The Pekingese were not bred to hunt or to guard, but they are very alert and playful.

#2 They are easily gain an extra weight.

Pekingese loves to eat and can easily gain an extra weight. It is better not to overfeeding him, for then it will be difficult to wean him to eat a lot.

#3 They are snoring!

Pekingese puppies are adorable - they are cute and cuddly.  These dogs will snore, leave wool and wheeze everywhere.  That’s why, buy a Pekingese puppy only if you live in a cool climate and have time to be able to regularly take care of him. 

#4 Eyes and joints – his weak points.

The chunky Pekingese puppy is charming and pretty seasoned.  But it  does not mean this dog will not be sick.  Pekingese like any other dog, suffer from a lot of diseases, ranging from eye to skin infections.  In addition, these dogs are more prone to allergies and joint problems.  Your new puppy will be inquisitive and will require a lot of training.

#5 It is not the most obedient baby.

Pekingese is a playful and active doggie. But unlike a Labrador Retriever or a German shepherd, a Pekingese puppy will not please you with unconditional obedience.  If you want an obedient dog without any behavior problems, you will have to earn the respect of this cute little puppy.

#6 They need regular training.

You will need to train this puppy consistently, to make him understand that you are the owner, and only you can command him.  Without training Pekingese becomes an aggressive and quick-tempered dog for the next 13 years of his life.  It doesn't sound very pleasant and encouraging, does it?