14 Things To Do On Your Corgi Birthday!

All Corgi parents like to celebrate their fur-babies birthday. And we want to make our pets feel special and loved as much as we can! We have some funny ideas to help you celebrate another year with your bestie! Look out at this list below and share with your friends.

#1 Say “Good morning!” to your fluffy baby

This is a special day! Don't be angry with your corgi. Even if he stole your bread at night. He is so cute when he sleeps.

#2 Make your pet the best breakfast ever!

Every dog loves to wake up and eat! So on their special day, make them something unusual and tasty!

#3 Take a road trip!

Birthday this is the perfect reason to go on a pocnic, on a camping trip or the lake. In usual day you keep putting off this idea. So pack the car and head out of the city to breath the fresh air. Don't forget to invite your best friends!

#4 Give them to a spa day!

This idea will work if your corgi like to be groomed and pampered.  Give them a full day of baths, blowouts and rub downs!

this is your gift!

#5 Go to the dog beach

This is another gift for corgi who love to swim and have fun in the water.

#6 Go on a dog park tour

Make a day of park tour, if you live in a city with a lot of parks. Walk as many dog parks as can find in one day!