14 Things Siamese Cats Do When They Stay Alone

#7 They are play with other pets

#8 They hunt

Siamese cats are  predators. They don’t need the food anymore because of you, but they continue to live out their ancestor’s ways of life.

#9 They get bored

Siamese cats are very independent, but remember that they are social animals and need to communicate with people and animals to be happy and healthy.

#10 They make pranks

Most of cats are calm, but some  of them take advantage if no is around to do things prohibited. They can steal food, climb into the top of furniture or throw something to the ground.

#11 They are exploring

Siamese cats walk around the house and check for things that are laying around or that you threw on the floor. Is that a pen cap that you ocassionally dropped this morning?

You won’t find that when you come home. Cats usually have a secret stash of objects they like and regularly update with things like that pen cap.

#12 They wait for you

Your Siamese cats watching your yard or garage when returning from home. They do that because it’s looking forward to seeing you again!