14 Points Of Education And Training Of The Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhounds – these animals are magnificent. And huge! They are very friendly, which cannot but rejoice. But you need to know the important points of their proper education and training.

#1 Raising an Irish Wolfhound is a pleasure. He is very smart and understanding.

#2 Such a dog itself will help you plan your activity correctly, grabbing new tricks on the fly.

#3 It is necessary to engage in raising a dog of this breed from an early age.

#4 The nervous system of Irish Wolfhounds is very thin, they are sensitive to affection and punishment.

#5 During the upbringing it is very important to maintain the correct proportion in order to maintain the puppy’s respect, but not become a source of danger for him.

#6 It is necessary to engage in the socialization of a young dog. This may require the help of a professional dog handler.