15 Things You Should Know About Irish Wolfhounds

Good-natured giants with a robber appearance – these are the Irish Wolfhounds, representatives of one of the oldest breeds of dogs in the world. These dogs combine impressive size with amazing grace and gentle attitude towards people.

#1 Irish Wolfhound – a breed of hunting dogs belonging to the busty greyhounds. Busty greyhounds are dogs whose fur grows in the form of a beard on the lower jaw.

#2 The main distinguishing feature of the Irish Wolfhounds is high growth. The Irish Wolfhound is the highest of all dog breeds. Height may be 79 cm.

#3 Representatives of this breed are impressive dogs, muscular, powerful, but at the same time elegant. Their movements are light, fast and free.

#4 Irish Wolfhounds by standard should have a long body with well-developed ribs, a taut belly and a moderately wide chest.

#5 The coat is coarse and stiff on the body, legs and head; especially wire-like above the eyes and under the lower jaw in the form of a beard.

#6 They can have the following colors: gray, brindle, deer, red, white, black, tawny, cream, gray, silver.