14 Facts That Make You Become The Owner of One Bichon Right Now!

One of the cutest things on the planet has to be Bichon Frises. These adorable creatures are so cute you just can’t contain yourself.

#1 These small creatures have big personalities!

#2 The pronunciation of the breeds name is French 🙂

The correct pronunciation is bee-shon free-zay.

#3 There are a lot of kids of bichons 🙂

This breed is divided into 4 kids: the bichon Bolognese, the bichon Havanese, the bichon Maltese, and the bichon Tenerife. 

#4 They look like toys 😀

#5 Bichons are from Mediterranean area 🙂

#6 French adore them! 🙂