14 Cool Reasons to Love the Irish Terrier 😊

Here are some interesting facts about the Irish Terrier:

#1 It’s known as a farmer’s best friend πŸ‘

#2 This breed is quite new πŸ‘


It was first shown in 1875 at a Glasgow dog show and was registered as the fourth most popular dog in England in the 1880s.

#3 They are tend to hunt den animals including water rats and otters✌

They have a reputation as an accomplished and willing hunter, ridding food stores and farmsteads of vermin.

#4 There are only three variants of this breed 😊

The Irish Terrier has a wiry outer coat in common colour variations of black, tan and grizzle.

#5 They are perfect for devoted families 😜

#6 The Irish Terriers are very friendly 😊