14 Incredible Facts About Tibetan Terriers

Here are some interesting facts about the Tibetan Terrier:

#1 It’s not a terrier in fact ?‍♀️?‍♀️

The Tibetan Terrier is not related to the true terriers. The terrier breeds comes from dogs that were bred to hunt small vermin. The Tibetan Terrier was bred to be a companion animal, not a working dog. 

#2 They are from Tibet ?

The Tibetan Terrier came from an area of Tibet known as the "Lost Valley". 

#3 It’s fairly an old breed ?‍?

The Tibetan Terrier has existed for at least 2,000 years.

#4 They were labeled as “lucky dogs” ?

It's believed, that if you want to bring good fortune to a friend or neighbor, gift a Tibetan Terrier!

#5 Look at their legs, can you recognize something? ?

They look like real snowshoes! Tibetan Terriers are well to navigate the snowy mountains because of unique attribute, showshoe-like feet.

#6 Tibetan terrier adores being washed ???

but they need a special care with their coat.