14 Books That All Poodle Lovers Must Have

These books will be perfect an assistant in the care of the Poodle!

#1 The Poodle Handbook: The Essential Guide to Standard, Miniature & Toy Poodles (Canine Handbooks)

Author: Linda Whitwam 

#2 Poodles For Dummies

Author: Susan M. Ewing

#3 Standard Poodle. Standard Poodle Dog Complete Owners Manual. Standard Poodle book for care, costs, feeding, grooming, health and training.

Author: George Hoppendale and Asia Moore 

#4 Poodle Training: Dog Training for your Poodle puppy

Author: Claudia Kaiser 

#5 The Complete Guide to Poodles: Standard, Miniature, or Toy – Learn Everything You Need to Know to Successfully Raise Your Poodle From Puppy to Old Age

Author: Tarah Schwartz

#6 Miniature Poodle Training Guide Miniature Poodle Training Book Includes: Miniature Poodle Socializing, Housetraining, Obedience Training, Behavioral Training, Cues & Commands and More

Author: Richard Dean