14 Books That All Dachshund Owners Must Read!

These books will help you throughout the life of your Dachshund!

#1 Dachshunds – The Owner’s Guide From Puppy To Old Age – Choosing, Caring for, Grooming, Health, Training and Understanding Your Standard or Miniature Dachshund Dog

Author: Alex Seymour 

#2 The Complete Guide to Miniature Dachshunds: A step-by-step guide to successfully raising your new Miniature Dachshund

Author: David Anderson 

#3 The Everything Daschund Book: A Complete Guide To Raising, Training, And Caring For Your Daschund

Author: Joan Hustace Walker

#4 Dachshund Training Guide. Dachshund Training Book Includes: Dachshund Socializing, Housetraining, Obedience Training, Behavioral Training, Cues & Commands and More

Author: Jonathan Carruthers 

#5 Crusoe, the Celebrity Dachshund: Adventures of the Wiener Dog Extraordinaire

Author: Ryan Beauchesne

#6 Training Your Dachshund (Training Your Dog Series)

Author: Amy Fernandez