10 Best “Home Alone” Dog Breeds for Someone Who Works All Day

I have been a passionate dog owner for years, but I had to quit my passion due to a busy routine. Yes, you guessed it right! My 9 to 5 job does not allow me to leave my furry friend at home for eight hours.

We used to play, watch movies, and enjoy the whole evening. I am badly missing his company. The separation hours accompanied by the lack of attention caused him to go away from me. Ohh!!! I want my “good boi” back…

But Wait!!! How do I handle him in my absence? Do I have to drop it on a dog care center? Can he tolerate being left alone during the day? I am confused.

If you are planning to sell or give away your dog just because of your job, wait. It is hard to choose between your livelihood and passion. But, what if you can continue a job while leaving your pooch alone for 8 hours? Sounds great, isn’t it?

With dogs having a probability of gaining separation anxiety or chewing your valuables, it becomes hard for pet owners to make the right decision. Luckily, there are a few breeds that can stay safe and alone when you are at work. Yes, you read it right. They won’t bark, dig, shred, or chew your things.

We have squeezed a list of top ten dogs that can be left alone at home.

1/10- Boston Terrier

A Boston terrier makes perfect pets for those with busy routines. These are small, energetic, and smart dogs with a balanced temperament. It looks similar to the Boxer breed, but they hardly get distressed when left alone.

They can be unpredictable at times, owing to their independent nature. You might have a Terrier having a stubborn attitude, but if you leave them alone with a lot of treats and toys, they will happily endure those hours.


The hunting dog, the Basenji, comes from Africa, where they were bred for killing rats. They are highly intelligent and active animals and do not suffer from separation anxiety. “Barkless” is another name for this breed. It is not that they keep silent, but they bark with a limited vocalization.

Mostly, you will find Basenjis yodeling, growling, and whining. Their independent nature allows them to stay alone at home for hours. But they do show extensive love to the owners on return.


This unique breed hails from Japan as they were developed for hunting and earned fame as one of the best watchdogs throughout the world. Another fantastic trait of Akitas is they can stay home alone when owners go for work.

They do not mingle much with the strangers, but a well-trained Akita socialized with all environments. If you are going for shopping, feel free to leave them with a few toys. They have a lot of patience when it comes to leaving alone at home.

4/10-Basset Hound

Although renowned as a hunting breed, Basset Hounds show friendly behavior and can stay away from depression problems. They make easy pets as you don’t have to keep an eye all day. The fact that they love to sleep also makes them a perfect candidate for the list of top ten dogs that can be left alone.

A Basset Hound is cool and calm most of the time and can spend hours in their beds. The sleepy lifestyle may lead to obesity issues, so don’t forget to take them for a short walk when you come back from the job.

5/10-Chow Chow

The fluffy and adorable look can deceive you for a teddy bear. Chow Chows are highly independent dogs and can stay away from their owners for a long time.

With that being said, they love their owners, but the unwillingness for physical closeness is their way of showing affection. Not only can they stay alone for a long time, but the giant breed also serves as a guard dog. They remain quiet and safeguard your house while left alone.


A cross of Retriever and Poodle, Labradoodle, is the first pick of many pet owners. They are famous for a good reason. Not many giant dogs prefer to stay at home without damage to your things that are hurting their bodies.

A Labradoodle, if properly trained, can tolerate for long hours and do not get depressed when left alone. They are therapy dogs and have an ancestral trait of intelligence and loyalty. Its hypoallergenic coat also urges owners to keep them as a pet.

7/10-Lhasa Apso

They have a high spirit, funny appearance, and a playful mood. Despite this, they are bred as royal watchdogs. If you have a Lhasa Apso as a pet, you will love spending time with them.

They are independent dogs but can be stubborn at the same time. They will learn things but won’t follow you. They are so small that they don’t even realize what they are trying to do all the time. A firm individualistic character makes them a perfect, short-sized dog be kept alone at home.

8/10-Miniature Schnauzer

They are low shedding, they are guard dogs, and they are easy to train. What else you need from them? That is why most working Americans prefer a Miniature Schnauzer over the rest. Once you give them a job or task, they will keep busy doing that for hours.

They are intelligent enough to stay at home for longer durations. However, the barking prolongs when given the role of a guard dog. They love the owners and expect a lot of rewards in return. A few toys and chews are good for keeping their minds busy.

9/10-Shar Pei

This cute little breed originates from China, and they are loved for their reserved demeanor. They are quiet pets and can stay in your apartment when you go to the office. Their aloofness makes them an ideal option for those having a 9 to 5 job.

They do not familiarize themselves with strangers too early. You might be surprised to know that this calm breed was originally developed for hunting and fighting with other dogs.

10/10-Shiba Inu

A famous Japanese breed, Shiba Inu, is an intelligent family pet. These Asian dogs are easily trainable and independent, but their stubborn nature can be problematic for the owners.

If you can give them a role to do, they can easily spend hours when left alone at home. Shiba Inu is a hot pick when it comes to leaving alone at home.


Don’t forget that dogs are a part of your family. They are your babies, and it is not advisable to leave them alone for long periods. But, if it is the last choice, make sure you leave them with a lot of treats and chews. Assigning them a job will keep their minds busy, and they won’t feel the loneliness in your absence. Best of Luck!