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30 Funniest Pomeranians to Brighten Your Day

Pomeranians may be small but they have a big, boisterous personality, and loves to play a lot! Because of their lively and active characteristic, they tend to be effortlessly funny and can surely brighten your day!

*images of funny pomeranians
funny poms to love

Let’s take a look at these compilations of cute and funny Pomeranians in hopes of making you smile.

1.  I am a very scary ghost. woof woof!

*funny scary pomeranian
*silly pom to scare or should I say, fill your heart!


2. Hey, I’m a Pomie! Hear me roar!

*roaring pom
*cute pom catching the water


3. Playtime, human!

*pomerianian eating socks
*pomeranian asking for play time!

Have I mentioned that poms will do everything to get your attention? Well, yes they do! clingiest furball you could ever have!

4. Did you bring my treats??

*hungry pom with toungue out
*hungry pom pom from a short walk.

5.  Just testing the waters..

*pom's feeling the water
*Its not that cold mum

 6. I wuv you so much!

*pom with pacifier
*you will never resist this cuteness

7. This is real, this is me

*wet pomeranian in shower
*brand new funny pomeranian after bath time


Poms are the cutest, no doubt, and because they are so small and they are blessed with thick fur, when they get wet it may seem like you have a new dog.


8. When being cute is my only job

*pom smiling
*unproblematic/ unbothered


9. When its finally the weekend

pomeranian in shades and hat
pom feeling her vacation because he deserves it for being a good boy



10. Mondays are exhausting

sleeping pomeranian with remote
pom fell asleep while watching her favorite dog movie.


11.You survived another day. Good job, human! Big smiles!

*pomeranian in big smile
*happy pom cheering her parents up and showing off her perfect teeth


12.  This tiny furball will seriously get mad if you won’t have a great day


*angry pomeranian
*small but terrible adorable pom

Don’t underestimate poms, they may seem small but they think big!



13. Told you bathing wasn’t a good idea.

*funny before and after bath of pomeranian
*cute and disappointed pom after bath

14.  I’m a bread pommie monster! 

*bread in pomeraniance face
*the most adorable monster you will see today!


15. Did you say treats mom?

*funny running pom
*running to mum to get treats!


16. where can I get a driver’s license for doggies?

*happy pom driving
*funny pom enjoying her ride!


17. time to take a doggie break.

*laying in bed pom
silly pom laying in bed trying to take a silly break


18.  when you thought you were just going to take a nap but woke up the next morning

*just woke up pomeranian
*pom woke up from a good sleep she never expected


19.  I’m learning a new trick! And actually, I just didn’t want to get my little paw hands dirty.

*pomeranian walking in snow
*little happy pom learning to walk with two legs


20.  a nap maybe?

*yawning pom
*cute sleepy little pom to love!!


21.  I’m a very curious little dog and I like to smell everything. Smells good!

*dog smelling the rose with silly face
* just being curious and silly


22.  I love taking a selfie, I got it from mum. 

*funny selfie from pomeranian
* perfect smile!



23. I think I’m old enough to enjoy a wine

*pomeranian trying to taste wine
*wine for the pom pom too pls!


24.  when you open the front camera

*pom caught in front camera
*front camera on ohhh I’m gorgeous!


25.  literally a ball of sunshine!

*pomeranian dressed as sunflower
*needless to say more! poms are indeed a ball of sunshine!


26. My dream of becoming a superhero came true today!

*funny pom with taco wrap in the face
* dream come true for this pom! finally a superhero!


27. Sometimes, I don’t even understand my human.

*pomeranian with a funny hair
*pom don’t even know how adorably funny she looks..


28.   don’t be so hard on yourself, okay? You’re doing a great job!

*pom with a sweet face laying in bed
*sweet face to melt your heart



29. Ho ho ho!

*pomeranian in santa claus costume
*no it’s not too early for Christmas, mum.


30.   I’m sorry but with this evidence, I’m the cutest ever to exist in this world

*pomeranian in glasses
* pom dressed in a sweet outfit to remind us of her cuteness!



May these beautiful, lovable little pommies turned your gloomy day into sunshine and rainbows.