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#1 A Bull Terrier owned by Barbara and Tom Bishop in 2006..

... is the 1 st Colored and 2 nd of all Bull Terriers in history to win Best in Show at the prestigious Westminster Dog Show.

#2 Dexter saves risks his life to avoid her owner’s cobra bite..

2016, Cape Town, South Africa – Dexter, a kind and caring Bull Terrier has put his life in real danger, as he could sense a threating cobra bite coming towards his owner Tracey Jacobs. Dexter rapidly avoided the threat by grabbing the cobra and throwing it out of the garage, leaving the owner safe while he gets a bite, but finally he recovers.

#3 Peggy saved a boy that was drowning.

1929, UK – Peggy, a Bull Terrier that turned himself into a real hero as he saved an English Boy that was drowning, by swimming him out and bringing back to shore.

#4 2016 – Meet Marley, the hero Bull Terrier…

... who warned her 37 old owner Lisa Johnson about an unknown that far breast cancer. Marley did this by insisting to stay with her all times and barking a lot as she would want to leave without him. Thanks to early treatment, she underwent chemotherapy and surgery to remove growth and it her life is safe anymore.