The 35 Strangest Questions People Ever Asked Basset Hound Owners

1. Mine is Bob is full male beast, woman asked other day, when’s his puppies due and is lactating milk, I said look what’s hanging down underneath gives the game away his a male.


2. Them: Awww, they are so cute but are they deaf?? Me: Nope they’re basset hounds

3. What is that thing dragging on ground? Me: his penis and no not putting a bra on him. He finds that offensive.

4. Why did I choose a Bassett Hound!!! I mean DUHH !!!

5. Why a basset hound? (asked because I do agility with them).

6. Is she done growing?

7. Why do they have a white tip on the end of the tail. I explain for hunting. So u hunt yes but they don’t then I get the puzzle look. I say the only thing my 2 hunt for is a blanket and a soft couch lol..

8. Where did you find your beautiful beagle?

9. What is your beagles name?

10. Is your dog gay?

11. Is that a wiener dog?

12. Why is your wiener dog so big?

13. Regarding a brand new puppy: “Does he do tricks?”

14. “Awe, he’s so cute…but what’s wrong with his front legs”?

15. I like your poodle


16. What is it?

17. Is this a cocker?

18. That’s really big beagle and why are her eyes droopy?

19. Is that a Basket Hound?

20. What’s wrong with his feet? They’re way too big. She acted kind of horrified like I should cut them off or something.

21. Can they really hear when you talk to them with those long ears ?

22. “Why is your bloodhound so short?” The mahogany color is not as popular, thus people sometimes think our AKC basset hounds are small bloodhounds

23. Once asked by a child: Is this a “semi” dog?

24. Dutch houd on steriods?

25. Why are his legs so short? Is he a midget dog?

26. Some one once asked me if one of mine was a dwarfed Blood hound? I said yes kinda

27. What’s wrong with his bark?

28. Them: What is wrong with his skin??Me: what do u mean he is adorable with all his folds a lose skin.Them: I think u need to have him checked out, i think he is dyingMe: he is fine.. U need to Google basset hound my friend… We walked away

29. Why do you let them get on top of your bed?

30. What kind of pit bull is that?

31. An employee at the pet store said to the other employee and to me about his wrinkles and skin…He’s so cute and he will grow into all of that skin as he gets bigger.

32. Did he eat the Fritos?

33. Is he part Dalmatian???


34. A Lady at the petsmart asked me if my Lucy was a beagle I said no she’s a Basset hound she then said I thought they were taller the ones on tv helping police track people look taller Ma’am those are blood hounds. Lady has puzzled look on her face Lucy and I walk away.

35. Someone asked me the other day how I protect my bassets…. ummm private parts…. in the snow. Charlie does have a droopy set … but why would they ask me that, lol. I turned a few shades of red.