The 14 Best Activities For Poodles

The Poodles are very energetic dogs and really enjoy playing different games. But there are some activities these dogs like most of all.

#1 Game “Hide and seek”

This is a great game to train different skills of your poodle, especially it is important for puppies.

#2 Follow the leader – the best and simple activity for all the poodles

This game will also help to establish the owner’s leadership.

#3 Games with different balls

Your poodle will be happy to play with small and big balls with you even on the beach.

#4 Dog puzzles

These dogs are smart and they love to work hard. Different puzzles will help them to have a lot of fun. They also train different skills.

#5 Swimming

Poodles like to swim. Especially with their owners. Try to use different toys that dogs can chew to make it more interesting.

#6 Playing fetch

Poodles like spend a lot of time playing this game, especially when you use different toys.