Feeding Tips to Pomeranian Dogs

Understanding the feeding requirements of your pet is essential to keep them healthy and happy. At every stage of their lives, they need a balanced diet for their wellbeing and appropriate growth.

In this article, we are going to discuss feeding tips for Pomeranian dogs. How much food is enough for them? How often should they be fed? Their ideal meals and what the signs of their hunger and fullness are? But first let us discuss their feeding requirements below:

Understanding feeding requirements

Improper feeding to Pomeranian Dogs will lead them to have weak body stature and health issues even if they are cross breed Pomeranian dogs. They will likely suffer from strained ligaments, weak joints, and obesity if fed more than requirements. They burn calories more quickly as compared to other breeds. Hence, it is crucial to understand the food requirements of your Pomeranian Dog depending upon its age. When you wean your dog off, they need to get started with normal foods. Moreover, it is also important to choose the right brand for your dog that suits him/her well.

Importance of quality food

Rosie Willor, Content head at the Academist Help strongly seconds the importance of using good quality food for pets. Cheap quality dog foods contain many harmful ingredients that can affect the health of your pet negatively. Most of these products are made with harmful fillers that have zero nutritious value. Feeding your dog with a portion of good quality food will prevent them from macro and micro nutrient deficiencies. Also, it will be healthier to feed your dog with raw food to help them develop strong taste senses.

Nutrients in diet

There is a wide variety of foods available in the market to be chosen from. As a general rule of thumb, select a high protein food to make your Pomeranian strong and healthy. Also, a high protein diet will reduce the risk of tooth decay in Pomeranian as they are more prone to tooth decay and overcrowding because their mouth sizes are small. Some Pomeranian Dogs suffer from dermatitis as well as results in itchy and dry skin. High protein diet will also prevent them.

Essential fatty acids can help your Pomeranian Dog’s skin to be in a good condition and will reduce the occurrence of dermatitis. Hence add foods that are high in essential fatty acids to their diet.

As mentioned above, Pomeranian Dogs need more calories than other breeds. The reason behind the fact is they have a faster metabolism and less storage of body fats. As they are smaller in size, selecting dry foods that are made specifically for them is a better option to keep them healthy.

The right amount of food

Pomeranian Dogs needs the right amount of food to grow depending upon their size, age metabolism, and activity level. Use the slab below to plan for a high-quality dry meal into four divided portions of equal parts to your Pomeranian Dog. However, pregnant Pomeranians will have additional meals depending upon their requirements.

  • 1/2 cup of food for 1 pound Pomeranian Dog.
  • 1 cup of food for 3 pounds Pomeranian Dog.
  • 25 cups of food for 5 pounds Pomeranian Dog.
  • 2 cups of food for 6 pounds Pomeranian Dog.

Meal frequency

As mentioned above, Pomeranian Dogs burn calories at a swift rate when compared to other breeds of dogs; they need food at regular intervals to fulfill their high energy level needs.  A growing Pomeranian Dog should be fed at least four times daily with the recommended amount of food. When the puppy is grown up, you can feed him twice a day with the same amount of meal. Make sure your dog is not going to bed immediately after having a meal at night or in the afternoon.

Homemade meals

“Pomeranian Dogs love homemade foods and we can make it to them to show our love” says Jacob Homes, Marketing guru, AustralianMasters. If you are feeding them with homemade foods, make sure to include the right amount of macro and micro nutrients. Don’t give them table scrap as this will going to make them weak and affect their immunity and irritability. Add the following foods into their diet meals to make them strong and healthy:

  • Lean Meat like fish, chicken breast, Hamburg with organs like brain, liver, and kidneys
  • Pasta, white and brown rice
  • Vegetables like sweet potatoes, baby carrots, spinach, broccoli, and zucchini.

Make an ideal balance of macro and micro nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Specifically, 40% of meat, 30% of vegetables, and 30% of starch are considered as the perfect portion for Pomeranians. Just like the other things they don’t like, avoid including caffeine, onions, chocolates garlic, raisins, coffee, grapes, corn, macadamia nuts, spices, and rawhide bones as they don’t like to eat them.

Maintain the right puppy weight

It’s hard to tell if your Pomeranian Dog has the right weight or not. This makes you worried if you are feeding them too little or too much. Use Pomeranian Dog growth charts to have an idea of your pet’s ideal weight. Male Pomeranians weigh up little more than Pomeranian females. Hence, following a standard chart will help you to keep them on an average weight. Seek for a bit of professional advice from a veterinarian. They will assess your dog’s body condition and suggest you accordingly. A fully grown Pomeranian Dog weighs between 3-7 pounds. Don’t make them too fat as it can cause them serious health issues. Similarly, if the dog is underweight, then he will lack all the essential nutrients and won’t grow properly.

Signs of hunger and fullness

If you are feeding your dog with the right amount of food, your dog won’t be hungry between meals, and if they do so, they are still hungry. This is not the idea always. Some dogs love their food and may look for it even after being satisfied with hunger. Speak to your veterinarian to check if your dog is under or overweighed or have an ideal weight.

  • If it is underweight: increase portions and add more frequent meals.
  • If it is overweight: minimize portions or reduce the frequency or do both.
  • If it is healthy: consider using a slow feed bowl to prevent overweight.

Check for the things that make them goes off their food. Stressful things and events such as the birth of a baby, moving house, and switching owners can make them temporarily go off their meals.

Take away

Pomeranian Dogs are the cutest pet breeds among all dog variety. They are tiny and beautiful to keep. Feeding them is a challenge as their metabolism differs from other breeds. Make sure to keep an eye on their meals and weight to help them grow healthy.

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