Bull Terrier Jimmy Choo: 16 Pics That Will Turn Your Day Into A Small Holiday

Rafael Mantesso is an artist from Brazil. He became famous all over the world thanks to his photo work with the Bull Terrier nickname Jimmy. It was few years ago, when he divorced his ex-wife and she left leaving behind an empty house with white walls. Rafael finds inspiration in the blank walls and his four-legged friend. Mantesso started snapping pictures of Jimmy running around the house. And in that moment was born this humorous series. Mantesso continues to portray his Bull Terrier turning his into different funny roles from a superhero to a rock star.

Here are his funniest and cutest drawings. Scroll down to see them for yourself!

#1 The real angel

#2 Follow your dream

#3 Bang-bang!

#4 Rest time

#5 I got a power

#6 Wanna read?

#7 Shark Terrier or Bull Dolphine?