64 Celebrities Who Love Their Dogs

These celebrities are obsessed with their pets and want the world to know it!

#1 Barack Obama

Bo and Sunny (both Portuguese Water Dogs). Welcome home... Mr President!

#2 Bill Clinton

Buddy (Labrador)

#3 Paris Hilton

Bambi and Tinkerbell (both Chihuahuas)

#4 Oprah

Lauren and Sadie (English Springer Spaniel and Cocker Spaniel)

#5 Amanda Seyfried

Finn (Australian Shepherd mix)

#6 Tony Azevedo

Water Polo player Tony Azevedo with his Bull Mastiff/Great Dane mix Apollo, and Pit Bull mix Olympia.

#7 Rachael Ray

Isaboo (Pit Bull)

#8 Heidi Klum

Max, Freddie and Simba (two German Shepherds and a Pomeranian)