37 Things Border Collies Don’t Like

Here are some quick fire tips: work on settle from day one, work on manners from day one, set the boundaries and be consistent, never let him chase the cats, embrace the smart and stay one step ahead, crate train.

Here are 37 things that many people do that their Border Collies hate:

Photo: via Instagram
  • Cats
  • Fireworks
  • Taking medicine
  • Being moved in the middle of the night while he is sleeping
  • Remote control
  • Showers
  • The fly swatter
  • Peas
  • People food that isn’t meat
Photo: via Instagram
  • The vacuum!
  • Medicine in his ears
  • Playing with his paws
  • Late dinner
  • Not sharing your popcorn
  • When I go to bed and leave her sleeping on the couch
  • Diets
  • Lemon
  • The word “no”
  • Wife’s perfume
  • Any thing loud
  • Cheese curls
  • Empty food bowl
  • Soap
  • Being moved when he’s on the bed
  • Being alone
  • Touching his feet
  • Sharing his Daddy!
  • Phone camera
  • Sketchy little boys
Photo: via Instagram
  • Lettuce
  • Thunder and lightening
  • Vegetables!
  • Anything that beeps
  • Storms
  • Pickles
  • Nails getting cut
  • Not getting his way!