20 Reasons To Never Adopt a Chihuahua

As known, Chihuahuas are very intelligent and loyal breed. They usually become attached to the owner and tend to become very protective of that person.

However, don’t let their cute appearance  fool you for these creatures cannot be trusted! Chihuahuas don’t make good pets, trust us!

If you would like to adopt one, read our list below as we tell you the 20 things about the breed you should consider when choosing a new pet.  …

#1 They are fearsome. Just look at them …

#2 Pretty them with flower all you want, but you can’t hide that fearsome face

#3 Who would like to cuddle a chihuahua?

#4 They are real evil

#5 It seems, that they are from another planet

#6 They don’t even look cute sleeping….Just dangerous!

#7 I am seriously! Who woul like to take them?