20 Lord of the Rings Horse Names

  • Arod (Legolas’ horse)
  • Windfola (horse ridden by Éowyn and Merry)
  • Shadowfax (the horse ridden by Gandalf the White)
  • Firefoot (horse owned by Éomer)
  • Lightfoot (horse of Rohan)
  • Brego (horse ridden by Aragorn)
  • Swish-Tail (one of Merry’s ponies)
  • Felaróf (steed of Eorl the Young)
  • Stybba (gift from King Théoden to Merry)
  • Nahar (noble steed of the Vala Oromë)
  • Snowmane (King Théoden of Rohan’s horse)
  • Bill (pony owned by the Hobbits)
  • Sharp-Ears (one of Merry’s ponies)
  • Hasufel (horse given to Aragorn by the Riders of Rohan)
  • Roheryn (horse owned by Aragorn)
  • Felaróf (was the horse described as being as intelligent as any human)
  • Wise-Nose (one of Merry’s ponies)
  • Fatty Lumpkin (horse owned by Tom Bombadil)
  • Arroch (was the horse of Húrin Thalion in the First Age)
  • Bumpkin (Merry Brandybuck’s horse)
  • Asfaloth (Glorfindel’s horse)
  • Rochallor (horse of Fingolfin, High King of the Ñoldor)