18 Reasons You Should Never Adopt A Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are kind, cute, fluffy, smart and charming pets. Do you think so? So you do not know the whole truth about this breed! Here are 18 reasons you should avoid these dogs at all the costs?!

#1 They are certainly not cute?

#2 …seriously! Not cute at all?

#3 They are absolutely not playful

#4 Absolutely impossible to take a funny picture of them

#5 They demand to be taken everywhere with you

#6 They do not friendly

  1. I had two Yorkies (ages 12 and 16 years old) that I lost to CHF and Kidney Failure in 2019 and would love to rescue a Yorkie if I could locate a Yorkie Rescue group that I could visit/contact. I live in central Kentucky are there any near by??