18 Pugs Who Don’t Waste the Summer

It’s July now and that is mean that summer adventures are continuous! You can swim in warm water, lay at the sand and relax, admire the sea sunset… or go to the village river, or to the mountain… Summertime is really amaizing!

But what is the most important in summer? Don’t waste it!

Here are 18 adorable Pugs who will teach you to relax this summer. I hope you will enjoy these funny pictures:

#1 Summer style

#2 Life is a beach! And I’m just playing in the sand!

#3 SELFIE Cheeeeese!

#4 When you are at a pool party just waiting everyone else to joing you in the pool

#5 Dude! Are we gonna ride or what?

#6 No dog is on island

#7 My first photo shoot. How is this pose?