16 Reasons Why You Should Take a Basset Hound

It is believed that the Basset Hound originated in the seventh century in the monastery of St. Hubert, located in the Ardennes forest. According to legend, the monk Hubert, who is now considered the patron saint of hunters, spent a lot of time developing a new breed of dog. Later it became known as the Bloodhound and was especially appreciated in France and England. One of the variety of bloodhound was a short-legged, slow dogs, which were chosen by hunters. These dogs did an excellent job of hunting small game, rabbits and hares. Most likely, the Basset Hound originated from these dogs.

#1 Has an unusual appearance

#2 Highly attached to the owner

#3 Friendly towards people around

#4 They have huge ears

#5 It is easy to care for

#6 They are very cute

#7 incredibly agile