14 Incredible Facts About Great Danes That You Didn’t Know

Great Dane is one of the most popular breeds. Some call him a giant among dogs. Indeed, the impressive size of the dog does not leave anyone indifferent, but, despite this, the dog is an affectionate and gentle animal, adoring his family and ready to stand up for it at any time.

#1 Origin history.

Figures with images of dogs were discovered during excavations in Egypt. They date back to 3000 BC. Also, the images of these dogs are found in ancient Babylonian temples, the period of occurrence of which exceeds 2000 years BC. In addition, there are letters saying that the dogs were kept in ancient Tibet. These documents are dated 1121 BC.

#2 Great Dane in Italy.

An interesting fact is that Italians, as well as English-speaking countries, initially did not accept the name "Great Dane." They called this breed "Alano", which meant "mastiff". In Italy, today the Great Dane is called "Alano".

#3 Great Dane character.

A well-bred Great Dane is one of the best dogs, characterized by such character traits as good nature, tenderness and affection. This pet loves the family, loves spending time with children. He has an incredible desire to please the owner and all family members, which makes his training simple. Great Dane wants to always be where his family is. He loves children very much, including strangers. This dog will be glad to your friends, but only if it is sure that they do not pose a threat to you. Otherwise, this pet is ready to defend you.

#4 Maintenance and care

Despite the fact that the dog’s hair is short, it sheds. You can keep your hair under control with a weekly brushing of wool. Bathe Great Dane as needed. Some owners of these dogs prefer to resort to the services of professional groomers who not only buy a dog, but also cut its claws. Bathing this large dog is quite difficult.

#5 The ears.

Check your pet’s ears regularly for infections, inflammation, and sulfur contamination. You need to clean your ears with a special swab soaked in a solution that is prescribed by the veterinarian. Please note that cleaning the ear canal with a cotton swab is not recommended.

#6 Mouth.

In order to keep the dog’s oral cavity clean and free from any unpleasant odors, it is necessary to brush the pet’s teeth weekly.